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                                  Dance, Music, Puppetry, Painting, Mask, Sculpting, Circus, Acting, Clown, Costuming, and more!     

Emily Alexander's Preschool of the Artsprovides children ages 3.5 and older a community and environment for the development of foundational social and emotional skills. Through our chosen language, the Performing and Visual Arts, we help our students to find their own voices, so that they may more confidently face the social and academic challenges ahead. The Arts provide a perfect platform for young children to not only learn necessary social skills and academics, but also to thrive as individuals.

What Sets Us Apart

No other preschool in the surrounding area provides this level of professional artisanship, or focuses as much upon the Performance Arts as the Visual Arts. In addition to teaching all forms of the Visual Arts (painting, sculpting, paper maché, etc.), professional artists will be visiting both the morning and the afternoon sessions sporadically throughout the year, instructing children in their specialized area of the arts. Guest artists include; Michael O’Neill of the Nomadic Theatre, who will teach us clown and comedia, Hannah Long, professional dancer, who will teach us modern dance, Paul Battram of Circus Cascadia who will instruct us on circus, and Jen Lamastra (First Place Winner of the 2009 JUNK TO FUNK) who will teach us how to turn recyclables and other household materials into costumes! All guest artists are experienced in working with children, and hold long-standing relationships with preschool.Through imaginative play, crafts, and the arts, children learn all the neccessary social skills for kindergarten success!
Michael O'Neill
Guest Artist
Paul Battram
Guest Artist
Alexander Preschool for the Arts is exactly what a preschool should be. The rooms are light and beautifully decorated, each with a different focus. The activities are engaging, and Emily is a lovely teacher who understands each child's individual strength. My daughter is excited about school and proud to show me what she has done or learned when I pick her up.
                                                          ~Lila's mom
A perfect environment for creative and active children alike!
Tears of Joy Theatre
Resident Theater 
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